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Writer's Dreams

A Writer's Path to Happiness

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My name is Charlotte "CJ" Parker. I’ve been married for 27 years; have no children, unless you consider a very spoiled Basset Hound a child.

I first discovered the love of reading in the third grade when I climbed onto a kitchen chair and searched the titles on the spines of book after book in my mother's "library." She was a devoted fan of Hemmingway, Kipling and many of the other classics. I read them all. What I didn't understand, my mother would patiently explain to me. By the fifth grade I was writing "novels" for my mother to read.

At the beginning of sixth grade the history teacher gave us our first assignment. We were to pick a historical person and write an essay on their life and their contribution to history. I picked Wild Bill Hickok. That essay went on to win first prize in the state elementary grades essay competition. I was hooked.

I've never lost the love of writing or for creating my own worlds and the people who inhabit them. When I became "just a housewife," I signed up for a course in fiction writing at the University of New Orleans. In 2004 I attended a weekend workshop led by Donald Maass titled Writing the Breakout Novel. In 2006 I attended Heather Graham's New Orleans Workshop where I entered Kate Duffy's query contest and won. I'm a host for a weekly, hour-long writer's forum, and two writer’s critique workshops. I'm a member of RWA, SOLA (local RWA chapter) and Sister's in Crime.