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Over before it began
The job I told you about with a publisher is over before it could start. Too many problems arising from bad posts online and too many hurt feelings. I'm going to bury myself in my writing and forget that one or two persons can kill a dream for no other reason than they can.

Feeling Blue
I'm a nice person. I don't speak badly of people and those I don't care for I simply walk away from. I've aways felt there is a place for everyone in this world. So when someone who doesn't know me treats me badly, I am a bit confused. I felt bad for someone I know, someone who had a bad experience with her publishing company. So silly me, I thought I could step in and try to help. Maybe I could get her on good footing and give her the company she wanted. This has caused a site set up to warn people against bad publishers/agents to come back at us with a warning about this terrible publisher. I guess these people think there is no way you can come back from a bad experience, having good intentions and a good publishing plan, and trying to do something good. Am I walking away. No. Am I upset. Yes. But I can say they called attention to something on the Web site I hadn't noticed and I will voice my opinion on it. The only comment I'm going to make on this is, I'm trying to do something good here. I will not put up with dishonest actions toward anyone who submits/signs with us. My word is my bond. I have a good reputation and would like to keep it. So I have something to protect here. I'd just like to have a chance before I'm made into the bad guy.

New Position
I've taken a big step into what some say could be a job bigger than I am. Could be.

I've been looking for something to challange me, but not to the point that I wouldn't have time to write. I was talking to Linda Daly, CEO of LSP Digital. She used to be my publisher until she ran into a rough spot that lasted for the last couple of years. Problems with a couple authors, problems with people trashing the company and her name. I never understood any of it. Linda had always been honest with me. She fulfilled every promise she made. And when things starting getting bad, she released me from my contract to find another publisher. I did move on, but I always felt a little bad, as if I'd deserted Linda in bad times. We remained friends. Well, before I got sidelined, as I said, I was talking to Linda and before I even thought about it, I said, "Linda, if you need some help, I"m here. Who knows, we could do big things with this little company."

I'm not sure where that came from. I mean it wasn't something I'd been thinking about doing. Anyway, Linda was thrilled with the idea and asked if I'd like to be the Director of Operations. I had no idea what that envolved, and said so. She's, at this moment, typing up a list of what my duties would be. I can cross out what I don't agree to, and it's not a contract. I can leave at any time.

Those of you who know me, know I'll give it everything I have to do a good job. I've told Linda what I'll put up with, and what I won't. Not just from her, but the authors who sign with LSP Digital. I don't officially start until January 1, 2012.

Wish me luck or just shake your head. I'll keep you updated.

Good Reads
I've had a slow week of writing and when that happens I read. I re-read Erica Spindler's Watch me die Saturday and Sunday, then on Moday I re-read Blood Vines by Erica. I can't say enough about these books. Great, edge of your seat, don't want it to end read. I could go on, but I think you get the drift. These are really great reads. Suspense with just enough romantic touch to make you smile and enough suspense to make you cheer when the bad buy bites the dust. Watch Me Die is available in hard back and eBook. Blood Vines is available in paperback and eBook. Want a great read? Then pick up either Watch Me Die or Blood Vines, or why not both?

Excellence is the difference between what I do and what I am capable of. Okay, I get it. But how do you make yourself do what you are capable of? Some days I sit down at the computer and every work I type seems to be right. The story flows. My ideas actually come across. Then other days I feel as if I'm a hack only pretending to be a writer.

How about you?

Time Out
Charlotte had a heart attack on Sunday. All went well and she is home now, but needs to rest. She will be out of contact for a few days.

Shadows by Jen Black
Shadows by Jen Black
Released 24th May 2011 by Sapphire Blue:
Genre: Contemporary romance with ghosts
Melissa thinks she’s taking a huge risk in going on holiday with Rory Hepburn. He may be gorgeous, but she only met him three days ago. But when she sees the old watermill in rural France, she is delighted. Within ten minutes of her arrival, she sees the man in black, but thinks nothing of it. Concentrating more on keeping her secrets and sleeping alone, she is shocked when ghosts disturb her first night at the mill. Not just one ghost, but two. When Christophe arrives at the mill, the chic Frenchman regards Melissa as his soul mate, and Melissa knows she’s in real trouble.
A chilling tale, written with humour and drenched in the sights and perfumes of the rural Dordogne, this is a must-read tale for those who like a romance with a ghostly twist.

This Jen’s fifth published book, and her first contemporary tale. In many ways writing about character in this century is easier than writing about people in the sixteenth or eleventh centuries. There isn’t as much research required, though it’s important to get things like brand names, distances, food and fashion right - hairstyle or hemlines can speak volumes about a character’s personality today.
Jen lives in Northumberland, a corner of England rich in castles and history, and visits France regularly for summer holidays. You can find her at http://jenblackauthor.blogspot.com where she writes about anything that catches her interest – usually something to do with writing fiction! and shares one of her other hobbies - her photographs.

Erica Spindler's Blood Vines
New York Times Best Selling author, Erica Spindler is now offering her book Blood Vines in Ebook for $2.99. I bought this book in hardback the day it was released. I've been a big fan of Erica's for years and Blood Vines does not disappoint. Shoot, for $2.99 I'll buy the Ebook just so I have it on my Kindle.

Deadend Brainwaves
Some days I think my brain has taken a wrong turn and has ended up on a dead end dirt road. Everytime I try to sit down and write, I find my thoughts are blocked by dust and debris. Trying to turn my thoughts around and get them back on the right highway is comparable to pulling teeth with tweezers. I'm not sure what has me in this quandary, but I've had enough. I've given myself a few goals for 2011 I will meet or die trying. I will finish Murderous Visions by the end of July (first draft, edits and sending to my publisher). I will finish Demon Slayer by December (second book of the Genesis Series). I also have applied to a small local newspaper to write articles about authors and their books. If I'm given this opportunity I'll be putting out a call for authors who'd like be be interviewed for the articles.

Am I biting off too much? Maybe, but I really think I can handle the load as long as I treat my writing like the business it is. As my hero, Nora Roberts would say: Sit down and do it, it's your job. Okay, maybe not a direct quote, but close enough. The hardest thing to do will be to cut back my on line time. Emails, newsletters, blogs, will have to wait until I have my daily quota. And on good days, they will have to wait until the brain deadends again.

I'm in one of my pitty potty moods. Every word I write sucks. Every paragraph is a total waste of time. You get the idea. I really hate it when I get like this. It's so counterproductive. Feeling sorry for one's self has never gotten anyone anywhere. Have I written today? Yes. Ten pages so far. So I don't let the pitty potty stop me, it just makes me doubt myself and my talent.

What set off the mood? This is the shameful part. Someone I know (from the Internet), and truly like, emailed me this morning so excited that her email was filled with typos. Usually her little notes are perfect. No missing commas, every paragraph indented, no bad grammar. So I knew she was beside herself with joy. Her book is on the top 100 e-book best sellers list this morning. I'm thrilled for her and I told her so. Then after the little notes back and forth were over that evil little jerk called the Inner Editor started up on me. "Looser! She's going to be a success. You're just a wanna be and will never be anything else. Why don't you just give up?"

Here is my answer to Inner Editor:

Go F yourself. I'm a good writer and getting better with each book. I may never be a NY Times Best Seller, but I am selling. I enjoy writing. I actually have readers who like my books. I have emails from them telling me so, and asking when my next book will be out. So, go bug someone else. I have a book to write.


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