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Day five
Day 5 of Europe Trip

Day at Sea. This will be a short post. Not having a port to escape to I slept until around nine and when to the restaurant for breakfast. I tried my hand (or should I say feet) at climbing the rock wall. I made it to the top, but my knees may never forgive me. It looks easy. It isn't. Gravity hates fat people. LOL

Afterward I walked the pool area, had the drink of the day, Blue Hawaiian Cocktail. White rum, bue Curacao, Pineapple juice, sweet and swour mix, orange juice. Ewwww. Tried the Shot of the day, Beam Me Up
Scotty. Baileys irish creme, creme de banana. Yummm.

Took a nap. LOL

Watched the men's belly flop competition. So funny. Some of those guys really caused a splash. Really.

Went to the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception. It was nice, free drinks and little finger foods. But there were too many people who let this invitation only event go to their heads. Silly people, you got an invite because you are a Diamond or above member. Get over yourselves.

Tomorrow, Napels, Amalfi Coast.


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