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Day Four of European Vacation
October, 23, Day 4 of my European Vacation

Dumbrovnik, Croatia is a place with an old world feel to it. It's known as The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. One of the world's most unique cities. Not just because of its marble squres and Venetian palaces, or it stunning Barioque churches with satues of Saiint Blaise. What makes Dubrovnik so special is its remarkable past. For centuries this bustling seafaring port ruled itself as the Republic of Ragusa. made up of merchants and diplomats, the city-state thrived on maritime trade and even rivaled Venice. Ragusa was not only prosperous, but also artistically and socially progressive, abolishing slave trade early on. After a very long run, the Republic fell to Napoleon's troops and ultimately became a part of Croatia.

Today, the sheer beauty of its impeccably preserved old town never ceases to amaze me. Though it's been destroyed many times, neither earthquakes nor a seige could ever shake the spirit of its people. Walking along the wall gives a spectacular view of the old city. Placa is the main pedestrian promenade, lined with shops and cafes. And beyond the walled city, there are ample beaches, dense woodland and lush islands to explore.

Walking within the old city my writer's mind kept seeing people dressed in earlier time period clothing, walking the marble streets, going from shop to shop. What a place to set a historical or time-travel romance. Something about the city has kept the atmosphere. You close your eyes and you swear, if you peek, you'll find yourself transported back to the 13 century.

Tomorrow, a day at sea. Oh, God help me, look at those cookies.


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