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The End
November has been one hell of a month for me.

1. My chance to work and learn from a publisher was dashed. I'm over that, though.

2. Now here is the heartbreaker. Sapphire Blue Publishing is closing their doors at the end of this month. Sapphire Blue was my publisher. To say I'm down in the dumps is an understatment. I loved being one of their authors. Maria and Tina made me feel like part of a family. They always took time to answer any question I tossed their way and never made me feel stupid for asking.

They gave us back our rights and the rights to the cover art (at no cost to the author).

What next? To be honest, I'm not sure. I'm a writer. I will write. But will I sumbit again? I'm thinking of hiding myself away and writing like a fool. Writing until I have something great enough for one of the big guys in New York. Am I good enough? I don't know. I want to be. My heart is there. I have the determination. Talent? That is to be seen, I guess.

Time to give myself my hour of pity party time. Then back to work.

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I'm sorry you're going through a tough time of it right now. I'll spare you the old saw about the door and the window, but keep a finger damp to check for the draft. :)

Don't write like a fool though. Write like Char. And...maybe write like nobody's watching. For the first time in a while, nobody is. You can reinvent yourself now, if you want. Maybe now especially, with your muse gorged on the Europe experience and a goodly supply of raw pain handy...


Ditto what Holly said. ((((hugs)))

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